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Luxembourg St. James Way

Public Transport - some advices - Signage - different Stages - overnight stays - pilgrim’s passport & stamp.

As of March 1st, 2020, all public transports are free of charge in Luxembourg (train-bus-funicular-tram). On you can find all the possible connections.
Obviously, all attendees want to know where to stay overnight. For this reason, we start a fictitious run of the St. James Luxembourg pilgrim way - (from Lieler to Schengen - about 180 km) - to show you all the possibilities where to stay overnight. For safety, we recommend, to book the hotels and youth hostels in advance. Those who are accompanied by children and may have strollers along, should start the Pilgrim Way only at Vianden because the route from Lieler to Vianden is rather inadequate for this purpose.

Route Signage
Mostly the yellow scallop shell and an additional directional yellow arrow accompany you almost all the way. If there is no arrow, you should always follow the pointing prongs of the scallop shell. If no scallop and no sticker are attached, follow the yellow arrow. The exact route is also published under -Tourisme – Chemins de randonnée - Chemin St Jacques de Compostelle.

How to reach Lieler?
The best means is to travel by train and alight at Clervaux station. At the bus station of the secondary school (about 250 m from the Clervaux railway station) you will find the public bus stop. Here you take the bus to Lieler (about 30 minutes) and you should get out off the bus at the stop “Schull”. From here on the route is signposted.
You take the downhill street (about 2 km) in the direction “Trois Frontières” (Ouren). At the tri-border point (monument of Europe) you turn to the right. This is where the real path begins.
From Lieler to Vianden - Bridge and statue of Nepomuk (40,8 km).
Concerning the section between the monument of Europe and Dasbourg, be aware that path could be
inaccessible due to seasonal floods. Please note that leaving Dasbourg you have to walk alternately on the road because a sidewalk is not always available. If your physical strength is sufficient, try to reach Vianden where you will find a lot of hotels. If not, you can split the distance and do it in two stages. Here is our proposal :
- You book an hotel in Vianden for 2 nights. On road there are several public bus stops. The first one is
located in Dasbourg after around 16 km walk from Lieler. The next one is Rodershausen about 1,7 km
further on. Here you can break away and take the bus to the hotel. The following day you return by bus and alight where you got the bus the day before and continue the stage to Vianden.
- In Dasbourg (after 16 km) you can book the Daytona Hotel (on the German border side) or you stay
overnight in Eisenbach (Camping Kohnenhof). To do this, you would have to extend the stage by 5
- You book an hotel at Clervaux. A bus takes you there and back without changing.
From Vianden to Echternach (Willibrord Basilica. (27,5 km).
At Echternach a lot of hotels and a youth hostel offering 118 beds are available. The youth hostel is located on the edge of the lake, 2 km away from the City Center.
From Echternach to Grevenmacher, Church (21,5 km)
Arrived at Grevenmacher, we propose to return by bus to Echternach in order to spend a second night over there. The bus will take you back to Grevenmacher the following day. Grevenmacher itself is devoid of any hotels, except the Hotel Simon’s Plaza located in the industrial area called “Potaschberg” (5 km further on). Another possibility is to cross the Mosel-Bridge and reach the German side. At Wellen (turn to the right after crossing the bridge and go on for 1 km approximately) you will find an hotel called “Pension Weber”.
From Grevenmacher to the City of Luxembourg, Cathedral 34 km)
The City of Luxembourg has a youth hostel offering 240 beds as well as a large choice of hotels.
Arrived at Dudelange you have several opportunities. Either you return by train to Luxembourg-city to pass the night, or you stay in a Hotel at Dudelange (Hotel Cottage). Another possibility is to take the public bus to Esch- Alzette and alight at the terminal stop. (bus and railway station). Here you will find a youth hostel offering 122 beds. In this case you return to Dudelange (from Luxembourg-city or Esch-Alzette) and continue the pilgrim path.
From Dudelange to Schengen, Mosel-Bridge (31 km)
Before reaching Schengen, you will cross Remerschen. Here is a youth hostel offering 150 beds. Another opportunity is to go by bus to Remich, where enough hotels are available.

Where can I get a pilgrim pass (Credential)?
With us, the Frënn vum Camino de Santiago de Compostelle asbl. (Tél 00352 500085- Payment by bank transfer of 5 € to one of the accounts listed below.
BILL LU23 0026 1860 9432 7800
CCPL LU29 1111 2311 2571 0000
After payment, the passport will be delivered by post. Note that this is the official passport issued by the Cathedral of Santiago. Note the following comment on this. The “Credentials” change their outlook from time to time, but they remain always valid.

Where can I get a stamp?
Have a stamp with date entered in your passport where you stay overnight. You can get it also in tourist information offices, campsites, town hall, petrol stations, pubs, parish priest, etc. There are no regulations for the issue of the stamp. The seal does not have to bear the sign of a church or a conch.